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Managing impacts

Environmental Impact Assessment

We will be undertaking a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment of our Scheme proposals.

A scoping exercise was completed in 2018 to determine which environmental topics are relevant to the Scheme, and we have been undertaking baseline environmental surveys of the site and surroundings. These surveys have helped inform design decisions.

The assessment is being undertaken to identify potential significant effects on the environment and local community as a result of the construction and operation of the Scheme.

The assessment will also identify mitigation measures to address construction and operational effects and a Code of Construction Practice will be prepared.

The findings of the assessment will be presented in an Environmental Statement and Non-Technical Summary. This will be submitted with our consent application (see the section on the Transport and Works Act Order).


At Network Rail, sustainability means making sure that everything we build, manage, service or develop leaves a lasting positive legacy for future generations, and that we keep potential impacts on the environment and society at the forefront of all decisions.

This approach to sustainability will also be applied to this Scheme.

We believe that good management of our economic, social and environmental impacts is key to maintaining a strong and prosperous business.

In delivering this Scheme we will drive efficiency, build trust and create long-term value for our stakeholders and the community.

We are applying a globally recognised sustainability assessment scheme to drive genuine, measurable sustainability outcomes throughout the design, specification, construction and operation phase of the Scheme.

Topics being assessed

Noise and vibration

Air quality

Cultural heritage

Ecology and nature conservation

Flood risk and water resources

Ground conditions and land contamination


Townscape and visual

Traffic and transport

Climate change

Material assets and waste