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Lower Addiscombe Road / Windmill Bridge

To provide more platforms at East Croydon station and allow the Selhurst triangle junctions to be remodelled we need to expand the railway from five to eight tracks north of East Croydon. This means we need to rebuild the road bridge over the railway, increasing its span, to provide space for three additional tracks.

Location of Windmill Bridge
Map showing the location of Windmill Bridge
Map showing the location of Windmill Bridge


  • Longer bridge to accommodate additional tracks
  • Dedicated cycle lanes
  • Vehicle weight restriction removed
  • Opportunity for new pedestrian and cycle links under the bridge

Our proposals

The construction of the new bridge would take place early in the programme as it is a key enabler for the rest of the Scheme. To construct the new bridge, we would:

  1. Permanently close the southern end of Gloucester Road (the ramp to the bridge)
  2. Build the new bridge offline south of, and next to, the existing structure, reducing disruption to road users
  3. Slide the new bridge deck across the railway without closing the track below
  4. Close the existing bridge to traffic and pedestrians
  5. Use the new bridge in its temporary location as a pedestrian and cycle route while the existing bridge is closed
  6. Demolish the existing bridge and slide the new bridge into its permanent position.
Indicative aerial image showing how the tracks under Windmill bridge feed from/into the Selhurst junction area

Temporary diversions for road traffic would be in place during any road closures needed to construct the new bridge.

The Little Road playground is needed temporarily whilst we construct the bridge. We will continue to work with key local stakeholders to manage this impact until it is reopened.

Bridge deck formation