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Keeping the railway running

A major redevelopment such as this will result in changes to services but we are planning our proposals to keep trains moving and minimise disruption to passengers.

Our proposed approach would allow us to maintain the majority of weekday train services throughout construction.

East Croydon station

We would aim to keep five platforms open during the majority of the works by constructing the platforms in stages.

Work would start with the construction of a new platform outside of the existing layout.

Once this new platform is in place and in operation, we will have the ability to reconstruct existing platforms progressively from west to east, two platforms at a time.

Work would be planned to reduce the number of changes within the station, helping to minimise disruption to passengers.

Selhurst triangle

To keep passengers moving we would rebuild the Selhurst triangle in stages, constructing new structures next to the operational railway so that trains can continue to run. This means we could deliver passenger benefits in phases.

Learning from other major projects

We have also incorporated key principles and best practice from other recent significant infrastructure schemes such as the Thameslink Programme. This will help us run a reliable service during construction and reduce disruption to our neighbours.

East Croydon station – first phase

Existing platform 1 will be taken out of use whilst we build the first new platform; existing platforms 2-6 will remain operational.

First phase

East Croydon station – second phase

Once new platform 1 is operational, existing platform 2 will be taken out of use and rebuilt, along with new platform 2 and existing platform 1.

Second phase

Working progressively from west to east, new platforms would then be brought into operation before the next ones are taken out of use to maintain five platforms for the majority of the works.